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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Which product do you suggest for training my dog to weave?

You may already have a preferred method of training, in which case the choice may be simple. For example, if you like the channel method, then we'd recommend our Channel weaves. If you plan to use 2x2 training exclusively, you can save some money and get our Competition weaves. If you don't already have a training preference, you might want to read this article on training methods and equipment.

Which product is best for official matches, tests and trials? (AKC, USDAA, NADAC, etc.)
Our Competition weaves are unparalleled in their quality, safety and durability. If you're planning to use your set for official events, we highly recommend our Competition weaves.

Can you summarize the main differences between Channel and Competition weaves?
Competition weaves have no moving parts. They're solidly welded to create a rigid, durable set of weaves. Our Channel weaves have a solid steel base with removable aluminum legs (2 stainless steel screws per leg). The sliders (moving pole supports) slip onto the ends of the legs and are adjustable from a 24 wide channel to inline. Each one can be locked at any position. Channel sets use button-head screws (we provide the hex tool), while Competition sets use countersunk Phillips head screws.

What do your products have in common?
Both Channel weaves and Competition weaves can be used for 2x2 training and regulation sets. They also use the same connector-weights and poles.

Aren't stick-in-the-ground weaves or bases made of PVC pipe good enough?
For training very small dogs, it's often OK to start with non-professional weaves. But if you're planning to compete with larger breeds, these low-cost alternatives aren't recommended. Any dog who's likely to brush against the poles will need to get the feel of regulation sets before they're too far along in their training program.

Do you provide a warranty on your products?
We stand by our products 100%. We will replace or repair any manufacturing defect for 2 years after purchase.

How much does it cost for shipping?
Shipping charges are estimated when you place an order. We will correct any rate errors if the estimate is inaccurate, and we'll send you a revised invoice for your approval. Channel sets are shipped disassembled in order to reduce the shipping fee. Assembly instructions are included, and there's also a short video showing assembly available on our Facebook Page.For Competition sets, 6-pole Channel sets and shipments outside the continental USA, we typically add a small handling charge to the current rates charged by major carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS). For shipping 12-pole Channel sets to addresses in the USA, we sometimes offer Flat Rate Shipping. When available, the Flat Rate Shipping option will appear in the list of shipping options when you place your order.

How long does it take to ship an order after it's placed?
If we have an item in stock, it will usually ship within 1-2 weeks. Back-ordered items may take more like 4-6 weeks. You can check the progress of your order by going to your account online. Or feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about shipping.

When do you charge my account?
We accept PayPal, check, cash and all major credit cards. We don't charge credit cards until shipping is imminent.

I plan to start training with 6 poles, and then go to 12 poles later, is that OK?
We realize that budget considerations may make 6-pole sets more attractive, but most dogs should work on 12 poles before they get too accustomed to doing just 6.

I want 2 bases, each 6 poles long. Do you offer that?
Some manufacturers do offer 6-pole bases, but they're very expensive to ship. We prefer to make base units that are 2 poles long and easily connectable. Most of our customers use our solid steel connector-weights to connect a full set of 12 poles. Others prefer to use 6-pole (sometimes 4-pole) subsets. You and your dogs won't be able to tell the difference between a single-piece base and our connected bases, that's how solid and safely concealed our connector-weights are.

My club would like to buy a single set of weaves that can be used both for training and for events. Do your products work for both training and competition?
Yes, our Competition weaves can also be used for 2x2 training. Our Channel weaves can be used for 2x2 and/or Channel method training, and they're so well built, they've been approved by AKC reps for trial use and are actually being used in AKC trials. (They also meet specs for all other major agility organizations.)

I'm still confused about what to order. Can I talk to someone?
Please feel free to contact us anytime by email ( or phone (865-705-8146). We'll be glad to discuss your individual needs and goals, so we can help you decide on the best plan.


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