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Patented Design Features

US Patents 7,819,085; 8,181,605; 8,347,822; and 8,875,661.

The perfect balance between rigid metal and minimum weight. No bending or twisting as with flat metal bases. Just enough space beneath the running surface for connector/weights or end blocks ... out of sight, away from the dog's path.
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Yet another convenient location for staking (in addition to tails and legs). The PVC pole rests on the running surface, surrounding the hollow pole support, concealing both the pole support and the stake head.

Snugly holds PVC poles vertical, softens the sound of rattling PVC against metal. Heat-shrink tubing is an elegant way to fill the space between pole supports and the inside diameter of poles.

Multiple uses: connect base units together; add weight to bases; best place to use double-sided tape for indoor surfaces; safely block open areas at ends of legs and tails; extend length of legs.
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UV-stabilized, long-lasting pipe that resists shattering much better than plumbing-grade PVC. No lettering to remove. Smooth and pure white. Other colors of PVC available too.
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Non-skid properties are part of the powdercoat itself. Not tape, and not an additive, like sand or other paint products.
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Perfectly sized holes (13/32" diameter) for 'fat' (3/8") spikes available in various lengths at home supply stores. They also accommodate more slender nails and twisted spikes. Available in all tails, legs and attachments.
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Custom Design

If you don't see the product of your dreams on our website, please let us know. We'll work with you to design a custom set of weaves tailored to your exact needs. Send us your specifications and well let you know if its doable and what it would cost to create your customized weave poles.

NOTE: We require full pre-payment for the manufacture of custom orders. We do not accept the return or replacement of customized weave poles unless there are faults in manufacturing.


Acceptance Mark

U.S. Patent # 7,819,085
U.S. Patent # 8,181,605
U.S. Patent # 8,347,822
Other patents pending

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