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ALL MAX weaves
ALL MAXTM is not a separate product, but a useful collection of several of our products at a substantial savings. It's more like a "super-product" containing all the best training tools we provide.

The following products are included in ALL MAXTM sets:

These products constitute the ultimate set for all styles of training, making
ALL MAXTM the most comprehensive package for training centers and clubs.

To create this super-product group at a reduced price, we include a single ALL WAYSTM Universal base, one set of Training legs, and one set of poles.

ALL MAXTM weaves meet specs for AKC, USDAA, etc. For heavy-duty trial use, we recommend using the ALL COMPTM configuration. To change the configuration from ALL COMPTM to either of the other configurations, the COMP attachments must all be replaced by Training legs (2 screws per attachment). To change from ALL CHANTM to CHAN WAMTM and vice versa, one set of sliders is simply replaced by the other. Slide one off, slide the other on ... it's that simple!
ALL MAXTM sets feature:


Acceptance Mark

U.S. Patent # 7,819,085
U.S. Patent # 8,181,605
U.S. Patent # 8,347,822
Other patents pending

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