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It all started as a dream. Literally. I had recently bred my wild-and-crazy Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Riot, and was overjoyed with her incredible son, Harpo. I wanted to teach him the weaves 'the right way' (whatever that was). I'd tried various things with previous agility dogs, and I was pretty sure I wanted some kind of channel set.

So I went online, started looking, and eventually gave up finding something that would be easy to use and solid enough for the right 'feel'. [Even today, many years later, I'm unimpressed with competitor offerings, which are mostly unsafe, unstable and not regulation.] I like to tinker, so I started thinking about how I could build my own set. One morning, in that semi-waking, mostly semi-sleeping state that's occasionally inspired, it (what we now call a 'slider') came to me: a cantilevered pole support that glides freely along the side support leg and extends the pole over the centerline. Eureka! But since the idea came to me in a dream, I'm taking no credit!

I made a wooden prototype and showed it to my friend Jane Mohr. She liked the idea, cautioning me to make sure the sliders would slide easily. [They do now.] When I showed the first rudimentary products to my friend Joel Lavalley, he said, "Man, you gotta patent that!" [They are now.] And since Joel teaches college-level engineering, I was encouraged.

I had even less experience working with metal than I had with mechanical engineering (none). Over the first few years, I tried several different design concepts and manufacturers. In 2011 I finally met the perfect engineering team, APTUS Designworks in Alcoa, TN. With the help of Ben Nibali and Jerome Tester, we finally got it right. I could never have come up with the innovative Universal base without their help.

Now we've got about 7 major products that work together, with modular components and interchangeable parts. These products make me proud ... they're functional, strong and beautiful. But what makes me happiest is that we've now got a product family that meets the needs of our agility family. And we owe our agility family a ton of gratitude. Responding to our customers' advice has made us the best!

Harpo's retired from agility now, but he keeps me company when we travel to trials to vend, and he's doing other sports too. The little nondescript dog in our logo (even though he has floppy ears and a tail) makes me think of Harpo as the original impetus to develop weave pole equipment.

Enjoy your dogs! Happy weaving!!

Ace Russell, founder/designer

865-705-8146 cell
866-814-4DOG (4364) toll free
866-844-4DOG (4364) fax
1811 Holston River Rd, Knoxville, TN 37914 USA

Ace Russell & Harpo, with GForce Fabrication, our first design team


Acceptance Mark

U.S. Patent # 7,819,085
U.S. Patent # 8,181,605
U.S. Patent # 8,347,822
Other patents pending

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