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WAM sliders allow you to use two of the most popular methods of weave pole training: slanted poles (Weave-A-Matic style) and channels. They also support 2x2 training, and they're compliant with regulation equipment specs. Think of the possibilities!
And they're a cinch to adjust ... simply twist the PVC pole counter-clockwise to unlock, rotate to re-position, and twist the pole clockwise to lock. No bending down, no messing around with tools or clunky hardware.
WAM sliders work with ALL-WAYS bases as well as with our first generation products (EZ Channel and Porta Channel). 
V-shaped (Weave-A-Matic) end view is preferred by many trainers over other methods. This seems to be especially true for handlers with taller dogs or those who need to focus on footwork.
A newer method on training involves an inverted V, which is easily configured with our WAM sliders. If you move the sliders out to separate the bottoms (as in a channel) and create an inverted V by angling the poles inward, you can make a 'tunnel' of weaves, helping the dog focus down and forward. Poles can be angled throughout 180 degrees, with infinitely small adjustments, no set positions. 
Combine the best of both worlds! Get unlimited angles and channel widths for training of all types!
WAM detail
Please note: Prices indicated are for buying sliders separately (if you already own one of our channel bases). For first-time buyers, add a base style to your shopping cart first; then sliders choices will appear in your cart.

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Elegant design makes WAM sliders safe for all dogs. No clunky hardware. Smooth edges and scaled-down mechanism minimizes the risk of long-coated breeds getting hair caught.


Acceptance Mark

U.S. Patent # 7,819,085
U.S. Patent # 8,181,605
U.S. Patent # 8,347,822
Other patents pending

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