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We love our Channel weaves :) Very sturdy and well made. I know we will be enjoying them for years to come.

Jane Simmons-Moake (Texas)

Jedi's progress on the channels - Day 3!

[Click for video]

Karissa Solberg (Tennessee)

While I'm thinking about it, I just wanted to let you know I am still using my weaves of many years ago! Still holding up!

Terry Simons, Flying Dog Agility, CA (2017)
[Channels and WAMs purchased in 2009]

Just say wanted to let you know my dog can now weave 12 poles! I started her on your Channel weave set this past spring, then I had to take a 2-month break due to being gone for work, then started her up again in the summer. I'm so excited! I wish you sold A-frames!

Ali Park (Virginia)

Exactly what I wanted. They are staying put in the yard without me staking or anything. I love them!

Mary Schaff (Texas)

[Silvia Trkman has been using our ALL CHAN set for training her puppy, To]

I love, love my new weaves! They are everything I expected. So well made, so stable.

Kathy DeLucas (Alabama)

My weaves arrived yesterday. They are beautiful and have been officially approved by the dogs. I'm very impressed with how substantial they are.

Sheila Conant (Big Island, Hawaii)

This is the 3rd set of Way to Weaves poles that I have in my agility equipment set. All are in use. One set is the channels (for puppies and dogs in training and tune ups), and now two of the fixed competition styles for everyday use.

They are the best made weave poles that I have come across in 15 years of agility.

I weld metal sculpture as a hobby so I know what good construction, welding, and finishing involves. The channel design is the best and safest I have used. Sliders are always perpendicular to the main axis (not loose and sloppy like some channels) and they stay snug, even if not tightened down. The tightening is with a set screw so no exposed hardware to catch a dog's toe.

The PVC poles are high grade. Mine have been in the Arizona sun and lawn sprinklers almost continuously for a year and they are still bright white.

The sleeves on the base make the poles upright and parallel. The storage (breaking down to 2x2) is compact.

Yes, they are a bit more in cost but worth every bit for the quality and lifetime and design that results.

Tracy (Cave Creek, Arizona)

Wow totally blown away by your weaves. That's genius! So glad I discovered them thanks to Silvia [Trkman] and own now my own set!!!!

We just finished the weaves and [my instructor] had me do entries and exits you see at the worlds ... thank goodness for your system!

Rachel Schumacher (Switzerland)

First session with Bee on YouTube

Second session:

Actually the reason I bought your [TRAD WAM] was to get my already trained BC to swim through the poles. I never could get him to switch over in competition. But all my students' young starting dogs became extremely skilled weavers by starting them on 2x2s then switching to your Weave-A-Matics as quickly as we could. I love them. Nice job.

Terrie Demierre

I put together the weave poles last night no problem and tried them out already. I can tell you they were worth the wait. I love the quality of them and I think they will last me a lifetime of weave pole training for my Shelties. Thanks for the free upgrade [to CHAN WAM]. I am sure I will be trying out all kinds of weave pole methods to enhance their training. This is going to make training much more enjoyable and speed up the process too. Thank you so much for the great communication during the whole process.

Linda Wilson

I just wanted to let you know that the weaves poles I ordered arrived safely and I love them. They're exactly what I was hoping for. Since I'm on a budget, I particularly like the versatility of having both the 2x2 configuration and putting the 2x2s together--and that the connection system is rock solid when assembled and I don't have to worry about them coming apart or shifting out of position, even without stakes. Super easy to assemble and take apart, super sturdy and at the same time not heavy or over-done--it's just a really nice design all around. I'll be ordering another set shortly. Thanks so much! As a DIY type person myself, I admire the excellence of your craftsmanship.

Emily Gaydos

My instructor, a NADAC judge, uses your Channel weaves in our class and I love them. She got them last year, and they're holding up great with lots of use. I look forward to getting mine.

Linda Wilson

I have purchased two sets of weave poles previously and was stunned when I opened up these weave poles. The quality is amazing and I haven't seen any weave poles compare to these! The use of the channels is made easy by the equipment design. You should not purchase any weave poles but these-save your money and buy one quality set.

Erin Welch

Great article, that was the BEST explanation I've heard/seen yet comparing the different methods, thanks!

Cindy Lubin

Thank you, Ace, your weaves are THE BEST!

Dianne Traphagen

I was looking around on your site today and came across the PDF you did explaining weave poles and the different methods of training etc. I want you to know that is the very best overview and explanation I have ever read! You did an awesome job!

Marilyn (Aire) Lutz

The order arrived in good shape. Nice product! Thank you!

Ted Friedl

Gwyn Friedl and Finn

Here’s the expanded testimonial I promised:

I’m an American dog sports competitor and instructor who moved to Istanbul (pop. 15 million) in 2007. I brought my Border Collie (Savvy), of course, but sold my agility equipment thinking our agility days were over. At the time, Turkey had no kennel club, no training facilities, and no competitions.

Recently, Turkey joined the FCI, and is expecting to hold real agility trials this year for the first time. I’ve even imported a Papillon puppy (Dash) to train for future competitions. Unfortunately, the lack of equipment in Turkey is a serious issue. Last year, 30+ dogs from all over Turkey participated in four agility seminars. For each seminar, we had to pool all the equipment in Turkey to come up with even a “semi-regulation” course. We were thrilled even to have an 8’ teeter which falls over sideways and stick-in-the-ground weaves. However, my fast-weaving Border Collie failed to impress anybody when he knocked all the weave poles flat every time he tried them.

I decided on my next annual trip to the U.S., I’d try to bring back some REAL weave poles. They had to be steel based (for Savvy), and they had to convert into channels (for training Dash). And they had to be light and portable enough to carry up and down flights of stairs every day. After much searching online, I realized the now-obsolete Porta-Channels would be perfect. I asked Ace if he could look through his warehouse and find a set of 6, and he did… as long as I didn’t mind beige sliders on a white base. No problem! I asked Ace not to send poles, as that would be too much to take on the plane.

Ace shipped the base to my sister’s house in Indiana, and I picked it up a couple of weeks ago during my visit. Wow—I was so impressed right off the bat. The workmanship, sturdy construction, and paint job were all great. Everything was packaged with care. The instructions were great, but weren’t necessary, as assembly was a piece of cake. Every slider fit on every leg perfectly.

A few days later, I arrived at O’Hare Airport with Dash, two Rubbermaid tubs as my checked bags, an over-stuffed carry-on, and the 3-piece weave base. I had put the legs and sliders in the Rubbermaid tubs, and was going to attempt to take the weave base on as my “personal item.” I was stopped briefly at airport security, as they figured a 44” long hunk of steel would make a formidable weapon. I explained that they were part of an agility weave pole set on the way to Turkey. Because I’m a middle-aged American female, and because I was traveling with my dog at the time, they smiled and let me through security. Getting on my Turkish Airlines flight was no problem. Nobody questioned the steel rectangle I was carrying, and it fit easily into an over-head bin. The only difficult part was the landing… sunny Istanbul had been hit by a blizzard and would eventually get over a foot of snow!

While waiting for the snow to melt, I cut some PVC for the poles.

Dash PC6 shipping

[The first pic shows] how compact the set is when disassembled (shown next to an 8 lb. Papillon): When the snow was finally gone, I easily carried the weave poles outside in a single trip and set them up in about a minute.

Dash PC6

In [the second] photo, the poles are a little wonky because the PVC sizes in Turkey are different from the U.S. I later found I could wrap a rubber-band around each pole support, and the poles stay perfectly upright.

The channels were very easy to adjust, but stayed in place when I needed them to. Dash enjoyed running through his new channel weaves, as you can see in this video: I’m so impressed that I hope to bring back another set of 6 on a future trip to the U.S. A big thanks to Ace and Way-to-Weave for making my “dream” of steel-based weaves in Istanbul a reality!

We are really enjoying the weave poles. Thanks for all your help!

Sharon Yildiz

[In an earlier post]

They're terrific! I am sooooo impressed with the high quality, sturdiness, yet compactness. I think they'll be quite easy to take on the plane too. Thanks for organizing everything. It was so well packed, every piece arrived without even a hint of a scratch ... heck, not even dust! Thanks so much. We agility fans in Turkey will get plenty of use from them, as they're the first set of metal base poles that will be in the whole country of 70 million people.

Sharon Yildiz

Thanks very much for calling me on Monday. Our conversation really helped me clarify what I needed and didn't need. I can't wait to get the weave poles. Hopefully, we'll stay snow-free for awhile so I can try them out right away!

Barb Sahl

They got set up and used for the first time yesterday! Sure has my Collie buffaloed for now, but he will figure it out quickly. So far they are a dream to adjust and very stable once set. Both of these features have been nightmares with previous WAMs I have used.

Terrie Demierre

I LOVE my new WAMs. Phoebe's weave pole performance is already much improved. I also DO very much like the shrink wrapping you did on the poles.

Rena Barnett

I just wanted to tell you we absolutely love our weave poles. First off, they are of excellent quality. Even my husband was impressed when he put them together for me. We're using them right now as a 12 pole set with the channel open to teach my BC to hit the entrance.

Thanks - I know we will enjoy these for many, many years.

Kay Rieff

Hi Ace! Didn't get to tell you how much we love our 2x2s! They're SWEET and so easy to move around the yard or inside the basement. Especially love the weighted feature. THANKS!

Lois Martin

Dear Ace, Dealing with you and your company has been a pleasure. You responded to my questions promptly and with detailed explanations. I am very satisfied with the weave poles we purchased from you. They are well made, sturdy, and work exceptionally well on our dirt floor in the indoor ridin g arena.

Diane Bauman, author of Agility: Start to Finish

I love the weaves and the craftsmanship is wonderful! Great product and I have already recommended you to a bunch of students. ... Of course you can quote me and you can add: Ace really understands the meaning of customer service!

Barbara Currier, Georgia

We love the weaves! Such nice workmanship and packaging. I'll be ordering a second set early in the new year. Please feel free to use my comments on your site. I also wanted to add how sturdy they are and perfect for our 2x2 training.

Mary Ellen Sheedy, New York

I'm in the midst of using the 2x2 method with two Goldens - one is learning to weave and the other is improving existing skills. I really like the slider and central base design because it gives the dogs the picture they've built up to with my 2x2's and the picture they'll see in competition. Being able to slightly offset single poles when needed then move them back in line is helping them master weaving footwork.

S.S., Oklahoma

I love the improvements you've made to your weaves over the past year! They are engineered very nicely. I just love them!

H.P., Iowa (purchased EZ Channel 2/08, ALL-WAYS Weaves 1/09)

I love the design and the ease of moving the sliders. Your instructions for setup were also very clear ... I am very satisfied.

Sionag Black, agility judge

Wow! I expected them to be nice but I was really amazed -- not only with the weave system, but your packing too!! Everything was almost too pretty to unpack. But we did get them out and set up easily and using the poles at a 20 degree angle really gets the dogs striding through smoothly. We're really pleased and quite impressed.

R.S, North Carolina

I should have write before, but we were training weaves!!!!! The weaves are great, and easy to carry. The 2X2 fit super in the car, the others as they are 3 poles, I managed to find a hole that works OK !!! They are a lot help for me because I have to train my dog in different places to make him do the weaves independent of everything (yesterday we trained in the woods).

A.G, Uruguay

More and more venues these days are on indoor surfaces that don't allow staking of equipment, like soccer turf or like our own facility's rubber flooring. And for those of us who have clubs that use these facilities, weaves are a problem. It's really hard to get them anchored well. Carpet tape can work, but as soon as you rip it up the first time it starts losing grip.

Our club bought 2 sets of 24" weaves from Ace Russell at Way To Weave in 2008. And we love them, but it has been a real PITA to deal with anchoring them onto our RB rubber flooring, which was installed grip side up. The best solution was lots (and lots!!) of gorilla tape. So we'd be taping weaves down, going through rolls of tape, then having to discard and retape between each class. And even with gorilla tape, the weaves sometimes got away from us. We've got a big male hard-driving Golden in this area who last year ripped the weaves right up and carried them with him, and then there's Cala, my dobe, who has broken poles, dragged poles halfway across the arena; well you get the picture.

Out of the blue a couple of months ago, Ace emailed me and said he would like to try to build us a set of weaves that might work better on our floor. We talked back and forth several times, and the day before our Halloween trial, a set of poles arrived on spec, to see if they would work for us. Ace warned me they were heavy. Put together in a set of 12, they weigh a whopping 80#.

Well let me tell you, we LOVE these poles. We had them in our Jumpers ring, and they didn't move. Not even under Cala. Not even with that Golden. Not a single spec of tape on them. And the dogs loved them too. The base was heavy, but the rods for the poles still allowed good flex. No jamming of shoulders and very few weave popouts all weekend.

We did add a single strip of gorilla tape to the first couple of legs for the 6 poles in Novice, but IMO we really didn't need to; we've had that set of six up for our classes since, and it's stayed exactly where it was put. I do think that part of the reason why they worked so well is that they are also spaced at 24", so less banging. But even so, we had some dogs hit the entrance with a lot of speed and still not move them.

I wanted to post about them because we got a ton of compliments and questions about them at the trial, and because I'm really impressed with Ace's commitment to quality and improvements of his product. I don't work for them and I've actually never met the man. But we were sure happy to send him a check for those poles. I also wanted to share because I know a lot of other clubs are having the same issue and might be interested in what worked for us.

Posted on AGILEDOGS list by Robin Nuttall, Missouri

The weave poles are working great! I've trained my little toy poodle on them using Jane Simmons-Moake's method and she is doing wonderfully. Sometimes I buy things on the spur of the moment and have been a little sorry afterwards. Not so with your weave poles!

Diane Holleman, agility judge

I am enjoying the weave poles. They were easy to set up and easy to adjust. Thanks!

C.M., North Carolina

Love the weaves. I waited this long to get back to you as I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to put their weaves together. We're all happy with them. On mine I love not having feet/legs for packing them up. I'm quite pleased with the look, the weight and the system. Very cool!

I.M., for group of buyers (3 ALL-WAYS sets, 3 Competition sets), Hawaii

I have to tell you that I am SO impressed with the workmanship for The Way To Weave 24” 2x2’s and all the details that went into these weaves. Everything from the packing, the user instructions and being able to make the 2x2’s into 2 separate rigid sets of 6 poles, a rigid set of 12 poles or even a mix of rigid with a hinge in the middle. The quality is WONDERFUL. It exceeded all my expectations. I am very happy with what I ordered and wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again.

Nancy Gagliardi Little, Minnesota

Hi Ace, my weave pole base arrived December 31. I wasn't expecting them so soon. I was able to pick them up at the PO yesterday and tried them today, at my club training grounds. I am so pleased with them! I am ordering a second set! I am going to show them to our Agility Director tomorrow. I know our club needs to replace our current ones, so I'll get back to you. But I could not wait to thank you for all your help.

F.A., Puerto Rico

Thanks again and if all manufacturers would care as much as you there wouldn't be any consumer issues! You are the best.

Terry Simons, Flying Dog Agility, California


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